We are a young, middle-sized factory. Our team is specialized in health- and wellness equipment as well as business services in China.


We develop with and for our clients new and unique products which are exclusively produced as OEM products for them in certain countries or worldwide.

We know one of the big problems in China is that each and everything is copied very quickly. Many products are sold by "one-person-companies" which even do not know how the products are working.

We produce the products for our clients strictly confidential and ensure that the technology is not given to others or copied for other products without the confirmation of our clients.



During the production process in China a lot of manual labour is used. So normally the quality of a product is not very stable.

Wherever useful we use machines instead manual labour to maintain a good and stable quality. Our workers are trained professional and are full responsible for their work.

We buy always the best parts, because we know that the customer service later in your country will be more expensive than the costs for better quality parts.

We recommend that you will visit us and see our production capability. We can develop together with you a unique product exclusively for your market.

However some standard products are available on stock, which we can send to you as reference for the first contact.


For the standard production we always have - in opposite to other factories - the important components on stock. These parts are tested carefully before we use them in our products.

When we tell you a fixed delivery date this is reasonable and realistic and you can count on it.

We will tell you reasonable and realistic delivery date which we can keep.

Our Partners

Our clients are our partners. We know only if you can earn money we can earn money too.

Win-Win Situation is the base for a stable partnership.

Why Choose Us

  • We deliver you with the best products for your market!
  • Experience in Chinese AND western culture !
  • Western Technology and production